"Year - 1778 "
Penn Common York Pa
This is the place in York that Gen. "Mad" Anthony Wayne met with the York Militia, then marched them off to Monmouth NJ.  It is there that the Battle of Monmouth was fought, and maybe the turning point of the Revolutionary War. Up until then the British had won almost all battles with the Colonists. At Monmouth the British realized that Washington's Army was going to be a real threat! Even though the battle was a draw.

Growing up in York, I walked passed this marker many times not knowing what it was for. Now I know the importance of it!
At Penn Common my Flinschbach/Flinchbaugh ancestors and many more of my ancestors  under the command of Capt Long 1st Battalion, 6th Co York, marched to New Jersey and fought at Monmouth NJ.

The men of the York Militia also met here again in 1781 to go to Yorktown Va, and even then again during the American Civil War 1860's